The ocari lighting world is designed and created by BSD - Boos&Schulz design agency.

New horizons of lightining technology ask for new ways of creative thinking - OCARI Design is striving for the vision of light, that combines innovative LED-technology with graphic precision. It generates an ambient character while offering a complete and intensive illumination in the room.

Besides the range of light products, Ocari offers individualizations of light graphics but also geometric custom solutions. These are not only technically but also creatively supported by OCARI design.



- dimmable / tuneable white / RGB LED (all remote-controlled)

- superior quality OPTOLED LED-components (LED approx. 50.000 operating hours)

- Evonik Plexiglas®

- hiqh quality finishing/ all components are ‘made in Germany’


OCARI® is a Trademark of BSD - Boos & Schulz Designagentur GbR



OCARI® is revolutionary lighting design.

The concept of line arrangement is the main subject. Wether strictly arranged or randomly playful- the line itself becomes the creator of lightning into the form-generating material. The nearly inconspicuous light source convinces with an outstandingly strong lighting message.



Transparency and delicate light unite into a floating room object which discreetly assimilates into the setting when switched off.

Precise light graphics create smooth but luminous area light. Fine lines provide pleasantly glare-free illumination through perfectly homogenous light distribution.


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